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Tired of losing out on work that you are well qualified for but some how don't get selected?

Want to win more projects and become the valued "go-to" person your client looks to for every project? 

John will help you reach your goals by training you in the art of winning projects!

Glass Buildings
We help Architects, Engineers & contractors overcome the fear of marketing, so they can win more projects and have fun!


Adding value to professionals

Since publishing my book, I’ve been providing professional training services to to clients from Las Vegas Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Georgia to enhance their abilities to connect with clients and become the first choice that owners look to when starting a new project. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationships. I’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for yourself or your organization. Get in touch to learn more about my vision and consulting approach.


Anyone who’s asked “Why didn't we win that project” needs to read this book!  John does a wonderful job illustrating the key qualities that will give any company a competitive advantage to winning more proposals.

John Miller - Best Selling Author of QBQ!

“John brings a clients perspective to engineering marketing.  I would highly recommend this book as a required read for engineers transitioning into the marketing side of the business.”

Dave Center - AECOM

"Required read for anyone in the public sector dealing with consultant selection"

Justin Werdel - Colorado Department of Transportation




I wanted to take a moment to professionally thank you and provide a little case study.


In March of this year our company was short-listed on a CM/GC project for another City.  The majority of the work included the partial reconstruction of roadways and drainageways and their budget was substantial over the next three years.   The City wanted a contractor to come in and help them out with suggestions while finalizing the design, phasing and mainly to have a consistent and competent manager of the work over the next several years. 


This is exactly the type of work we do!  We listed countless projects that we’ve knocked out of the park and all of our satisfied clients. With a solid skill set and resume we were absolutely the best choice for this project. That’s the sales pitch we brought into the interview and the result was…we didn’t get selected.


Your book “R.F.P. - Request for Personality, Win People, Win Projects” has been sitting on my desk since about April of last year along with a handful of other books that I can never find the time to read trying to manage this whole work/life balance that is always off kilter.  Finally over the Christmas break, bouncing between airports, I finally found the time to read it. 


Just recently our company was short listed to interview for a CM/GC portion of a major, multi-year, regionally significant project.  Not only did we come in with our sales pitch of why we were best suited for this project, but this time we based our presentation on the techniques you outline in your book.   We took the time to review the “50%” design plans so we could give real VE suggestions for their project with strategies on how to complete their project and solve their sensitive issues.  We backed it up with example pictures from our other jobs but they were all centered on how we would meet their needs and how much we looked forward to working with them.  Today, they called to say… we won the project!


Not only did I find your book extremely helpful as we crafted our presentation, but I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with you and learn from how you conduct yourself.  As I read the book there were numerous instances where I thought of you setting lofty expectations and pulling everyone along with you and quite frankly setting the standard.  I hope we have another opportunity someday to work together.  Until then, I appreciate your help in making me a better person, possibly without you even knowing.


Best regards,



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